Do you Have Some Capital and Wondering What to Do With It? Or are You Tired of Looking for Jobs? Check Out Some of These Business Ideas

1. Day care School  – According to research carried out recently, many Kenyans have started trusting day care schools. This indicates that there is a huge potential of parents paying up to Ksh. 30, 000 per week/child depending on the location. What do you need to start this business? Simple, a clean well ventilated room with adequate security and you are good to go. One can make up to one million clean money out of this business. Although you will have to build trust with parents.

2. Join a sacco – Did you know that in Kenya you can join a sacco and borrow 5 times the amount borrowed? This will allow you to expand your business with some good capital and with low interest rates. If you ask me, currently STIMA SACCO is the best FMCG supplier. Yeah, for only 50k you can become a leading supplier of BIDCO prducts, COCACOLA, RAMCO & CROWN GROUP. There are usually TWO ways of doing this; one is by being subcontracted by an existing agent, or going solo by buying as a whole seller.

3. Movie Shop – According to a research carried out by Hollywood, Kenya is number four in Africa as a market for film products. That is after, S. Africa, Egypt and Nigeria. If you can manage to get a small capital of 30k, you can earn as much as 4k daily through this business.

4. Coffee Shop – Coffee taking is fast becoming popular here in Kenya. You can identify a strategic place in your locality and start this business. If you don’t believe me find out how the now famous JAVA entrepreneur started and where he is now.

5. Buying of Stock at the NSE – Although this venture is a bit risky, but it is worth taking. They say one of the functions of entrepreneurs is to take risks. after all for me life itself is a risk. Look out for the best performing stocks such as SAFARICOM or BAT and contact your broker or investment bank to start trading.

6. Errand Boy/Girl: Peak time 8.00 am and 5.00 pm. This will actually involve you looking for parking spots on behalf of your clients. In case you haven’t noticed, many people struggle so much to find place to park their cars. You can take this advantage and maybe charge 50 bob per client and believe by the end of the day you will have not less than 5k.

There are many other ways of making money rather than sit there and start pitying yourself or wining about someone who refused to help you. For more business ideas please stay in touch.


Find Out what Causes Bad Breath and How to You can Prevent it.

Having a bad breath? This is probably because of something you eat or perhaps you haven’t brushed  your teeth for a while.

However, bad breath can also be caused by serious health problems. This means that even after brushing your teeth, bad smell from your mouth can still persist. According to Dr. Harold Katz a dentist who specializes in bacteriology, almost all all bad odors are as a result of anaerobic bacteria that lives in the back of the tongue, tonsils and throat. The purpose of these bacteria is to break down the proteins in our food.

The problem however arises when someone isn’t entirely healthy. A situation that makes it difficult for the bacteria to break down the proteins as they should consequently leaving behind a particular chemical smell.

The best thing to do after realizing that you have such a smell is to inform your dentist. This is because bad smell can also be a sign of diabetes. For instance one of the tell-tale signs of undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes is the faint smell of pear drops or ammonia on the breath.

This usually occurs simply because a lack of insulin means that the body cannot use sugar for energy and instead stats to break down the fat. Waste products known as ketones build up and are inhaled.

Suggestions: See a dentist for a urine test especially if you have excessive thirst, extreme tiredness, unexplained weight lose and the need to pass urine more frequently.

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Could Biting of Nails Mean that You are A perfectionist?

According to a recent research conducted in the UK, it has been established that biting of nails or puling at your hair could be a sign of perfectionism as opposed to the popular belief that it is as a result of anxiety an nervousness.

The study which was was carried out on 48 people, revealed that in fact the behavior was not a sign of anxiety. During the tests, participants  often started nibbling whenever they got frustrated and bored, feelings commonly associated with perfectionism.

Professor Kieron, also an author from the University of Montreal says that individuals who exhibit such repetitive behaviors could be perfectionists, implying that they are unable to relax and perform tasks at a ‘normal pace’ and as a result, they are prone to frustration, impatience and dissatisfaction when they are not able to achieve their goals.

The research further reveals that there is a strong ‘cognitive component’ to this kind of action typically accompanied by perfectionist beliefs showing how a person is organized. As much as these behaviors can induce important distress, they also seem to provide satisfaction and urge to deliver some form of reward.

The study comprised of two groups, one half who had experienced such repetitive behaviors and the other which had not, and acted as a control group. Each participant took part in four of the sessions designed to cause feelings of stress, anxiety, boredom or relaxation.

The findings of the study are published in the journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry

Why Taking Three Meals a day is NOT a healthy habit afterall

Many of us have made it a habit taking three meals in a day i.e breakfast, lunch and supper. As much as this has become popular among many people, Health experts have now warned that taking three meals a day may be damaging to a person’s health.

In fact, there is no clear evidence as to whether taking 3 meals a day is more healthier than maybe taking 6 meals a day or even fasting for a whole day. The ideal of three squire meals a day was originated by European settlers who enforced the practice to native Americans, as pointed out by historian Abigael Carroll.

In her latest book, ‘Three Squares: Ms Carroll asserts that settlers ate at regimented times which to them was more ‘civilized’ compared to the native’s eating patterns  which differed in terms of seasons and included even fasting. Consequently, a quirk history has lead to the belief that this pattern is generally healthy yet there is no proof for the same.

Ms Carroll for example claims that breakfast has been hailed as the most important meal of the day simply because of the advertising campaigns of the cereal and juice companies. In fact, according to a research done by the University of Bath in 2014, there was no effect on the amount of calories consumed by an individual whether or not they had taken breakfast.


On the contrary to popular belief, fasting can be a lot healthier, experts suggest. Studies have revealed that fasting for two or even more days can help jump-start a person’s immune system particularly if it has been damaged either by ageing or cancer treatment. The research conducted in the US says that the practice encourages the body to replace old and damaged cells.

According to Valter Longo, an expert of longevity at the University of Southern Carolina; when a person starves, the system tries to save energy. At this point, the body in its attempt to save energy will recycle cells that are not needed.

Valter’s team found fasting 2-4 days every 6 months forced the body into survival mode, and in the process utilizing stores of fats and sugar thus breaking down old cells.

In general, whether a person eats three large meals a day or six smaller ones, there is no difference to their overall calorie count as found out by a study published in the British journal of nutrition in 2010.